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Best Medical Colleges in Russia, Top Medical Universities for Indian Students

Russian Medical Universities occupying almost 30 positions amongst top 100 ranking Medical Universities according to the World Health Organization. Russian universities offer the most advanced and sophisticated standard of higher education in the world as each educational institute is well equipped and teaching methods are streamlined and regulated. Every year close to 3,000 Indian students choose to study MBBS in Russia. 

Bashkir State Medical University, Russia (city Ufa)

Bashkir State Medical University Bashkir state medical universityis one of the largest medico-scientific centers in Ufa, Russian Federation. Bashkir State Medical University has been licensed by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation to train international students. Bashkir State Medical University – one of the leading medical universities in Russia, has strong 10th ranked among them. Total Fees for 6 years MBBS course is approx. RS. 17,00,000
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Orel State University, Russia

Orel State University, RussiaOrel State University is unique in many aspects. Orel State University is the only classical university who is the member of the Association of classical universities of the Russian Federation. Orel State University implements 110 basic educational programs of higher education in large groups of 14 training areas and specialties. Today the university is the successor of the best tradition of Russian medical education. Total of 6 years MBBS fees in Orel State University is approx. 15.5 lacs Rupees. read more

Belgorod State University, Russia

Belogord State Medical University | Medical Courses in RussiaBelgorod State University was granted the Research University status among 15 major Russian universities. The new status creates special conditions for development. The victory in the competition shows the acknowledgment on the federal level that Belgorod State University can not only put the two-level system of personnel training for high-technology and applied researches into practice but also provide effective technology transfer in the economy of Russia.
Tuition Fees for 6 years MBBS course is approx. 21 lacs 
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Volgograd State Medical University, Russia

Volgograd State Medical University RussiaVolgograd State Medical University gained a very high rank among the Russian medical universities. Since it was founded, the University has attracted highly qualified staff with experience of teaching in many regions of the world. Nowadays the teaching staff of the University numbers 763 highly qualified professors and instructors with 11 academicians, 96 professors and 401 associate professors among them. read more

Crimea State Medical University, Russia

Cremia State Medical UniversityCrimea State Medical University is known as one of Russia’s leading research and teaching centers with a total of about 5,000 students. Crimea State Medical University named after S. I. Georgievsky is the institution of higher medical education situated in Simferopol, Russia. According to some independent estimations, it is from the top 10 medical universities in Russia. Crimea Medical University has been a center for academic and vocational medical education and medical science in Crimea and at the same time offering a specialized course in the field of General Medicine and more

St. Petersburg State Medical University named I. P. Pavlov

one of the best medical colleges RussiaThe University contributes considerably to the development of Medical Sciences and Health Care Services in Russia and it is recognized in the World as a big center for training specialists in various medical areas. The University has great scientific – teaching potential and has good relations with many Medical Schools and Institutions in different countries. Students being thought at St Petersburg State Medical University have a possibility to study on the modern level keeping the best traditions of old Russian Medical Schools. read more

Kazan State Medical University, Russia

Kazan medical university RussiaKazan State Medical University is located in the central part of Russia. Kazan State Medical University is one of the most renowned, Medical Universities in Russia from where thousands of Indians have graduated in the past. Kazan State Medical University is a multi-functional and multi-leveled state institution of higher education in medicine. The Kazan State Medical University functions on the basis read more

Orenburg State Medical Academy

Orenburg State Medical AcademyOrenburg State Medical Academy was established in 1944. categories began at the Department of medical specialty (4-course years). Official founders of the Institute square measure thought-about to be Lazarenko F.M., anatomist, professor; Olifson L.E., chemist, prof; Silantyev A.K, associate professor, surgeon; the primary director of the Institute was Fetisov N.V., surgeon-dentist. Department of pediatric medicine was opened in 1970, a read more

Altai State Medical University

Altai State Medical University Altai State Medical University (AGMU) is one of the leading medical universities of Russia in the West Siberian part, conducting high-quality medical training. Altai State Medical University is located the southeast of Russia in Barnaul city, the capital of Altai Krai. For sixty years the Altai State Medical University has been a supply of qualified specialists engine for the regional healthcare system. 25 thousand doctors and read more

Smolensk State Medical Academy, Russia

ssmu Smolensk State Medical Academy was established in 1920, is one of top Medical Universities of Russia, located in the Smolensk city, 360 kilometers (220 mi) west-southwest of Moscow. The Smolensk State Medical Academy is a fully licensed higher school and is a center of medical education and science. The SSMA is one of the leaders in doctors’ training, medical research, curative and preventive activities. It trains medical and pharmaceutical specialists for various regions of Russia as well as for a number of overseas countries.
The Smolensk State Medical Academy has 65 Departments located in the campus and on the basis read more

MBBS in Russia Fee Structure