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Benefits of MBBS in Russia for Indian Students 2018

Benefits of MBBS in Russia| Study MBBS in Russia in 2018

No Donation or Capitation Fee

As informed earlier, private institutes in India have huge amounts of donation or capitation fee, apart from the yearly fee. This is not the case for Russian medical Universities. Most of the MBBS colleges in Russia have no donation or capitation fee. Even the tuition fee of Russian medical colleges is very low in comparison to the Indian private colleges ranging from Rs. 2.5 Lakhs to Rs. 4.5 Lakhs per year.

No Entrance Test for Admission

Unlike India, there is no entrance test required to secure admission in Russian medical colleges. Admission will be strictly based on your performance in 12th standard and first-cum-first-serve basis. Students with more than 75% in their 12th standard are given preference.

Extremely Low Cost of Living

Although most of the foreign countries to study MBBS in are from Europe, the living cost is relatively cheap. Take Russia for example. Studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students will be quite cheap as most of the students can survive with as low as $100 and $200 per month. Obviously, this also largely depends on student’s lifestyle.

World Class Infrastructure

All the campuses across Russia have world class structure with modern equipment in hospitals. For instance, MBBS study in Russia will be very fruitful as most of the universities in Russia are of high standard and globally recognized by WHO, UNESCO, MCI and European Council etc.

International Exposure

As students will wanting to study abroad in a foreign country and get to meet fellow students who are also from different countries, backgrounds and ethnicity, students will get international exposure which will greatly help them in settling down. Country like Russia provides a great opportunity for medical students to get exposed to large patient inflow.

These are 5 of the many advantages of studying MBBS in Russia. It has its share of disadvantages also but mostly the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. So realize your dream of becoming a doctor by going for MBBS admission in Russia. Get in touch with a Continental Education Consultant to learn about all the details clearly

Top Medical Colleges of Russia

Orel State University, Russia

Bashkir State Medical University, Russia

Belgorod State University, Russia

Volgograd state Medical University, Russia

Voronezh State Medical University, Russia

Kazan Federal University, Russia

Mari State University, Russia

Altai State Medical University, Russia

Smolensk State Medical University, Russia

Ryazan State Medical University, Russia

Orenburg State Medical University, Russia

St. Petersburg State Medical University, Russia

Kursk State Medical University, Russia

Tver State Medical University, Russia

People’s Friendship University, Russia


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