Study MBBS in Russia, MBBS Fees in Russia for Indian students

MBBS in Russia 2023: All About Studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students

MBBS in Russia signifies to be one of the best options for pursuing MBBS Abroad. Studying MBBS in Russia is becoming popular among Indian students because it provides high-quality education at an affordable cost. Russia is the 8th top study destination where students around the globe come to study MBBS. About 30 positions are occupied by top Russian Medical Universities in the World rankings of medical universities.

MBBS in Russia

Russian medical universities have a good infrastructure, exceptional faculty, and offer high-quality medical education.  The level of MBBS study in Russia is well developed and advanced. Nowadays, most Russian medical universities provide MBBS study in the English language for foreign students at very affordable tuition fees. There are over 10000 Indian students currently studying in Russian medical universities, most of them are enrolled in MBBS course & every year these numbers are increasing.

Russian medical universities are recognized by the NMC India and WHO, MBBS degree from Russia is valid in India. MBBS course syllabus in Russia is similar to Indian medical colleges. Thus, students passing MBBS in Russia are eligible for the MCI screening test in India.

Cost to study MBBS in Russia 

MBBS tuition fees in Russia are not so high as in India. Scholarships and grants are available for foreign students, reducing the cost of education. The cost of living in university hostels is also low, making it more economical. The grocery products in Russia are relatively affordable almost same as in India, because the economic value of the Ruble and Rupee almost same with a possible fluctuation of +/-10%. Hence, studying MBBS in Russia is a cost-effective and within the budget of a common Indian students.

MBBS fees in Russia is subsidized by the Russian Government, which makes it affordable for Indian students to study MBBS in Russia. The average MBBS fees in Russia is 4000 US Dollars = 3,00,000 Indian Rupees per year , which is significantly less than the fees in India, which can go up to Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh per year. Low-cost MBBS Fees and affordable living costs, attract more and more Indian students to study MBBS in Russia.

MBBS Fees in Russia for 2023

The MBBS tuition fees at Russian medical universities range from 200,000 to 600,000 Russian Rubles per year, depending on the university chosen. To help Indian students, we have compiled a list of popular Russian medical universities along with their fee structures for the year 2023. By reviewing this information, students can better understand the overall costs of pursuing an MBBS degree in Russia.

MBBS Fees in Bashkir State Medical University Russia (Fees Structure 2023)

Bashkir State Medical University, RussiaTuition Fees / Yr.Hostel Fees / Yr.Fees in Russian RubleFees in Indian Rupees
1st Year Fees2,99,000 Russian Ruble14,000 Russian Ruble3,13,000 Russian RubleRS. 275,000 Indian Rupees
2nd to 6th year Fees2,99,000 Russian Ruble 14,000 Russian Ruble3,13,000 Russian Ruble each yearRS. 275,000 Rupees/ Yr. (approx...)
Total MBBS Fees for 6 Years18,78,000 Russian Ruble = RS. 1650,000 Indian Rupees approx.

The total cost for the 6-year MBBS program is Rs. 16,50,000 (approx…), which covers tuition fees and hostel fees. This cost does not include personal expenses such as food, which could amount to around 100 USD or Rs. 8,000 per month.

MBBS Fee Russia – Orel State Medical University Russia, MBBS Fee Structure

Orel State University, RussiaTuition Fee Per YearHostel Fees Per YearFees in Ruble Per yearFees in Indian Rupees/ Year
1st to 3rd Year Fees2,40,000 Ruble14,000 Ruble2,54,000 Ruble/ YearRS. 2,80,000 Rupees per year
4th to 6th Yr. Fees1,95,000 Ruble14,000 Ruble2,09,000 Ruble /YearRS. 2,30,000 Rupees/yr.
Total Fees for 6 years MBBS13,90,000 Ruble = RS. 15,27,000 (Indian Rupees) 1 RUB @ 1.10 Rupees

The total MBBS fees for 6-years is approximately 15,27,000 Indian Rupees (INR), which includes tuition and hostel fees. Students also have the option to pay the tuition fee on a half-yearly basis, depending on their convenience. Read More

MBBS Fee Russia – Altai State Medical University MBBS Fee structure 2023

Altai State Medical University, RussiaTuition Fee / YearHostel Fees / YearAnnual Fees in Russian RubleAnnual Fees in Indian Rupees
1st Year Fees360,000 Ruble40,000 Ruble400,000 Russian RubleRS. 4,00,000 Indian Rupees
2nd to 6th year Fees360,000 Ruble / Year40,000 Ruble / Year400,000 Russian Ruble Per YearRS. 4,00,000 Indian Rupees/ Year
Total of 6-years MBBS FeesRUB 24,00,000 = RS 24,00,000 Indian Rupees (Exchange rate: 1 RUB = 1 INR)

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MBBS Fees Mari State Medical University Russia (MBBS Fee Structure 2023)

Mari State University, RussiaTuition Fee/YearHostel Fee/YearFees in US DollarsFees in Indian Rupee (INR)
1st Year Fees5500 USD500 US Dollars6000 US DollarsRs. 4,80,000 (approx.)
2nd to 6th Course Fees5000 US Dollars/yr.Included5000 US Dollars/yr.Rs. 400,000 per year (approx.)
Total fees for 6-years31,000 USD = Rs. 24,80,000 Indian Rupees (Exchange Rate 1 USD = 80 INR)

The total fees for the 6-year MBBS program at Mari State University are approximately Rs. 24,80,000, which includes tuition fees, hostel fees, and medical insurance. Read More

MBBS Fees of Crimea State Medical University Russia

Crimea State Medical University, RussiaTuition Fees / YearHostel Fees/ YearFees in USDFees in Indian Rupees per year
1st Year Fees4000 USD500 USD4500 USDRS 3,60,000 Indian Rupees
2nd to 6th Year Fees4000 USD /Yr.500 USD/ Yr.4500 USD/YearRS 3,60,000 Rupees/Year
Total Fees for 6 Years MBBS27,000 USD = RS 21,60,000 ( Indian Rupees approx.)1 USD @ 80 Indian Rupees

Tuition Fees also can be paid on a half-yearly/yearly basis as convenient to the parents. Read More

MBBS Fees of Kazan State Medical University Russia

Kazan State Medical University, RussiaTuition Fee per yearHostel Fees per yearTotal Fees in Ruble/ yearTotal fees in Indian Rupees (INR)
1st Year MBBS Fees4,39,000 Ruble20,000 Ruble4,59,000 Russian Ruble RS. 4,59,000 Indian Rupees
2nd to 6th year MBBS fees4,39,000 Ruble per year20,000 Ruble per year4,59,000 Russian Ruble per yearRS. 4,59,000 Indian Rupees per year
Total Fees for 6 Years MBBS programRUB 27,54,000 = Rs. 27,54,000 Indian Rupees (approx...) 1 RUB @ 1 INR

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MBBS Fees in Kazan Federal University Russia (Fees Structure 2023)

Kazan Federal University, RussiaTuition Fees per YearHostel Fees per YearAnnual Fees in Russian RublesAnnual cost in Indian Rupees
1st Year Fees4.68,000 Rubles10,000 Rubles4.78,000 RublesRS. 478,000 Indian Rupees
2nd to 6th Year Fees4.68,000 Rubles10,000 Rubles 4.78,000 Rubles per yearRS. 478,000 Indian Rupees per year ( approx....)
Total Fees for 6 Years MBBS Course28,08,000 Rubles = Rs. 28.08.000 Indian Rupees ( Exchange rate 1 RUB = 1 INR)

Total per year fees includes tuition fees, hostel fees, and medical insurance. Read More

MBBS Fee Russia – Volgograd State Medical University MBBS Fee Structure

Volgograd State Medical University, RussiaTuition Fee/YearHostel Fees/YearFees in Ruble per yearTotal Fees in Indian Rupees
1st Year fees4,28,000 Ruble 38,000 Ruble4,66,000 RubleRs. 4,66,000 Indian Rupees
2nd to 6th Year Fees4,20,000 Ruble38,000 Ruble4,58,000 Ruble per yearRs. 4,58,000 Indian Rupees per year approx...
Total 6-years Fees for MBBS27,56,000 Rubles = Rs 27.56,000 Indian Rupees (Exchange rate 1 RUB=1 INR)

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MBBS Fees Kuban State Medical University Russia – Fee Structure 2023

KUBAN STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, RUSSIA1st Year Study Expences2nd to 6th Year Study Expences
Tuition FeesUS$ 3300US$ 3300 / Year
Hostel FeesUS$ 300US$ 300 / Year
Other CostsUS$ 800US$ 100 / Year
Total Cost in US DollarsUS$ 4400 (US Dollars)US$ 3700 / Year
Total Fees in Indian RupeesRs. 3,16, 000 ( Rupees)Rs. 2,66, 000 Rupees per Year
Total of 6 Years MBBS study costUS$ 22,900 = Rs 16,48,000 Indian Rupees (approx.)

Annual Fees around Rs 2.7 lakhs per annum. It includes tuition fees, hostel charges, insurance, and visa extension cost. Food and personal expenses not included in this cost, which could be around 130 USD = Rs.10,000 per month.

MBBS Fee Russia: Kursk State Medical University MBBS Fee Structure for 2023

Kursk State Medical University RussiaTuition Fee/YearHostel Fees/yearTotal Fees in USD/YearFees in Indian Rupees (INR)
1st Year Fees5500 USD700 USD6200 USDRs. 4,96,000 Indian Rupees
2nd to 6th Year Fees5500 USD/ Yr.700 USD/Yr.6200 USD/Yr.Rs. 4,96,000 Indian Rupees/Yr
Total fees for 6 Years MBBS Course37,200 US Dollars = INR 29,76,000 Indian Rupees (approx.) (1 USD @ 80 INR)Know More

MBBS Fee Russia – Saint Petersburg State Medical University Russia

Saint Petersburg State Medical University, RussiaTuition Fees Per YearHostel Fees Per YearTotal Fees per yearTotal Fees for 6 Years
Fees in Russian Ruble (RUB)3,50,000 Ruble50,000 Ruble4,00,000 Ruble Per Year24,00,000 Russian Ruble
Fees in Indian Rupees (INR)Rs. 3,75,000 (INR)Rs. 55,000 Rupees/yr.Rs. 4,30,000 Rupees/yr.Rs. 25,80,000 Indian Rupees (1 RUB = 1.07 INR)
PREPARATORY COURSE (Duration 10 months)Rs. 1,60,000 (INR)Rs. 55,000 RupeesRs. 2,15,000 Rupees

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MBBS Fee Russia- Orenburg State Medical University, Russia

1st Year Fees5500 USD500 USD6000 USDRS. 4,80,000 Rupees
2nd to 6th Year fees5500 USD/ YR.500 USD/ YR.6000 USD/ YR.RS.4,80,000/YR.
Total Fees for 6-years MBBS 36,000 US Dollars = Rs. 28,80,000 ( Exchange rate 1 USD = 80 INR)

Tuition Fees also can be paid half-yearly. Read More

MBBS Fee Russia- Perm State Medical University (Fee Structure 2023)

Perm State Medical University, RussiaTuition Fees/ YearHostel Fees / Year Fees in US DollarsFees in Indian Rupees/Year
1st Yr. Fees5500 US Dollars 500 US Dollars 6000 US Dollars Rs 4,80,000 Indian Rupees
2nd to 6th Year Fees5000 US Dollars/ Yr.500 US Dollars/ Yr.5500 US Dollars/ YearRs 4,40,000 Indian Rupees per year (approx...)
Total MBBS Fees for 6 YearsUSD 33,500 = Rs 26,80,000 Indian Rupees (approx.) (1 USD @ 80 Rupees)

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MBBS Fees in Voronezh State Medical University Russia

Voronezh State Medical University, RussiaTuition Fee/YearHostel Fees/YearTotal Fees in RublesTotal Fees in Indian Rupees
1st Year Fees 3,40,000 Rubles40,000 Rubles3,80,000 RublesRs. 4,00,000 (Indian Rupees)
2nd to 6th Year Fees3,40,000 Rubles per year40,000 Rubles per year3,80,000 Rubles per yearRs. 4,00,000 (Indian Rupees) per year
Total Fees for 6-years MBBS 22,80,000 Rubles = 24,00,000 Indian Rupees ( 1 Ruble @ 1.05 Indian Rupees)

The tuition fees of Russian medical universities are usually paid in Russian Ruble (RUB). For the convenience of Indian students we have calculated the fees in INR. This way, you can easily understand the cost of studying MBBS in Russia and plan your budget.However, it is important to note that the fees in Indian Rupees are subject to change due to fluctuations in the Russian Ruble exchange rate.

Living Cost in Russia for Indian Students

Apart from university fees, you need to spend around 100 to 150 USD per month for food and other personal expenses. Living expenses are a little higher in major cities of Russia ( Moscow and St. Petersburg). Russia is not such an expensive country as you think. 

MBBS Course Duration in Russia

Accordingly, as per MCI standards, the duration of MBBS in Russia is six years, comprising five years of academic study and one year of internship. While the MCI mandates a course duration of 5.5 years, including 12 months of internship, Russian medical universities fulfill the requirements of MCI by providing a six-year course, which includes the mandatory internship period. The first three years of the course focus on the theoretical aspect of medicine, while the last three years concentrate on practical skills. The course is divided into 12 semesters over the six-year period, allowing students to gain a comprehensive understanding of MBBS in Russia.

Teaching language for MBBS in Russia

Some reputed medical colleges in Russia provide MBBS study in the English language for international students. Getting admitted to an English medium MBBS college in Russia you do not need to provide English language proficiency test scores like IELTS or TOEFL. Students who have completed school/college with English subjects can get direct admission to the English medium MBBS course in Russia.

Most popular medical Universities among Indian students for studying MBBS in Russia

1.Bashkir State Medical University Russia
2.Crimea State Medical University Russia
3.Kazan Federal University Russia
4.Volgograd State Medical University Russia
5.Kazan State Medical University Russia
6.Orel State Medical University Russia
7.Belgorod State Medical University Russia
8.Peoples friendship University Moscow Russia
9.First Moscow State Medical University Russia
10.Saint Petersburg State Medical University Russia

Academic Session for MBBS in Russia

Russian medical universities usually start their academic session in September. The session for MBBS 1st year students is supposed to start from the 1st of October. (variations can be there).

There are 2 semesters in an educational year, September to January month and February to June. 1st-semester examinations are held in January month whereas second-semester exams are held in June. The Winter vacation is from 20th January. to 7th February. and summer vacation is from 15th July to 31st August.

Eligibility for Studying MBBS in Russia

Admissions are based on the past academic scores of applicants. Some basic criteria to be eligible:

  • The applicant has at least 50% marks in 10+2 in science subjects.
  • The candidate must be 17 years of age by December 31 of the year of admission to MBBS in Russia.
  • Indian applicants must qualify for NEET Exam to get admission.
  • The applicant is not suffering from any contagious disease i.e. tuberculosis, HIV AIDS, etc.

Documents required for admission in MBBS in Russia:

  1. Duly filled admission form,
  2. Class 12 pass certificate and mark-sheet,
  3. Class 10 mark-sheet,
  4. NEET UG Score Card (you can submit it later after the result is declared)
  5. Passport size color photograph in white background,
  6. Scanned copy of Passport (First and Last Page),
  7. For any queries please Call us at 9810717555

We provide the following services to Indian students

  • Providing students with all necessary information about the University and living in Russia.
  • Admission letter from University.
  • Invitation/VISA letter from the Ministry of External Affairs of Russia.
  • Visa processing from the Russian Embassy.
  • MCI Registration.
  • Booking of Air Ticket.
  • Accompany students during travel.
  • Assistance in immigration registration in the Russian Federation.
  • Making all the necessary arrangements to provide students with hostel accommodation.
  • Organizing local sightseeing tours of the city and the region.
  • Assisting students in undergoing medical checkups.
  • Help in obtaining a student ID card, hostel card, International card.
  • Assistance in the opening of the Bank account.

Admission Procedure

Please be informed that from the world over, there is a large number of applicants who want to study MBBS in Russia and the seats are limited and hence admissions are given strictly on a first come first served basis and depend on the final decision of the university as per the availability. Therefore, it is better to apply early to get admission to top Russian medical colleges.

NOTE: Many agents promote “Subsidized Fees” with the Russian medical universities. In this scheme, they ask the students to pay 6 years MBBS fees together with a discount. CEC always warns the student that there is no such system by the Russian Medical University having “subsidized fees”. The amount would be kept by the agent and ultimately you would end us in trouble when they do not pay the fees to the university on your behalf.

Disclaimer: Continental Educational Consultants would like to remind you that MBBS fees in Indian Rupees may not be accurate and may differ from the actual price. Exchange rates are volatile and are subject to change. Check the Exchange Rates before initiating the admission process.