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The Volgograd State Medical UniversityVolgograd State Medical University Russia located in VOLGOGRAD was founded in 1935 and started as Stalingrad Medical Institute. In 1993 it got the status of the Academy, and in 2003 it was granted the status of the University. It is currently headed by the prominent Russian scientist, Academician of the Russian Academy for Medical Sciences, Professor Vladimir I. Petrov.

The Volgograd State Medical University is listed in The World Directory of Medical Schools WHO list of world medical schools and also in the International Medical education directory provided by FAIMER thus is recognized by MCI India. The Volgograd State Medical University has built up relationships and ties with numerous foreign universities. Volgograd Medical University has also been collaborating with the World Federation for Medical Education, World Health Organisation (WHO), UNESCO, British Council, United States Agency for International Development.

Volgograd State Medical University gained a very high rank among the Russian medical universitiesSince it was founded, the University has attracted highly qualified staff with experience of teaching in many regions of the world. Nowadays the teaching staff of the University numbers 763 highly qualified professors and instructors with 11 academicians, 96 professors, and 401 associate professors among them. Most of them have Ph. D.s or more advanced degrees. The academic programs are run by 66 departments of the University.

At present, about 10000 citizens of Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union and 900 international students from India and 70 other foreign countries attend the University. About 70 overseas doctors are engaged in postgraduate study at the university every year. The Volgograd medical university has been training international students since 1962. Over this period 3000 physicians, dentists, pediatricians, and pharmacists have been trained for foreign countries. 

Volgograd city Russia

MBBS in Volgograd, Russia

Since 2000 the Volgograd State Medical University has got an opportunity to teach MBBS program to foreign students in the English medium. Students from 70 countries of Europe, Asia, Latin America have studied at our Academy. Over this period 2500 general practitioners, dentists, and pediatricians have been trained for foreign countries. Admission to MBBS in Volgograd state medical university is on the basis of first come first served.

The university is known to have quality education and a low fee structure. The tuition fee for MBBS in Volgograd state medical university is 5000 US$ per year (English medium) and 3500 US$ for Russian Medium. Living costs for international students studying MBBS in Volgograd have been estimated at US$ 100 to US$ 150 per month which includes food, communication, and travel expenses. The academic year starts from the first day of September each year and this year is segregated into two semesters. The duration of the MBBS Course is of 6 years. Postgraduate courses are of duration three years. After completion of the undergraduate program, students are awarded an MD degree, which is equivalent to MBBS awarded by the Indian colleges.

Volgograd Medical Colleges and Departments:

Volgograd State Medical University• College of General Medicine (MBBS)
• College of Dentistry
• College of Pediatrics
• College of Pharmacy
• College of Medical Biochemistry
• College of Social Work and Clinical Psychology
• Department for International Students
• College for Postgraduate and Continuous Education

University Hostels:

Volgograd Medical University has 7 student hostels. There is separate accommodation for Indian boys and girls. University hostels offer shared and private rooms. In both cases,Volgograd Medical university hostel rooms you can generally count on about 9 square meters of personal space furnished with a bed, table, and cabinet. In the dorm or nearby there are also generally cafeterias, snack bars, and/or cafes. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled and students can avail free internet. Student life at the Volgograd State Medical University and also the City of Volgograd itself is friendly has multiple interesting possibilities, and can be quite enjoyable. The University encourages students to celebrate their national festivals. Spectacular performances with folk songs and dances which are part of such celebration are admired by both students and academic staff.

MBBS Fees of Volgograd State Medical University, Fees Structure 2024

Volgograd State Medical University, Russia

1st Year Fees

2nd to 6th Year Fees

MBBS Tuition Fees

441,000 Rubles

441,000 Rubles per year

Hostel Fees

38,000 Rubles

38,000 Rubles per year

Insurance, Medical, BioMetric and Visa Renewal cost

22,000 Rubles

14,000 Rubles per year

Total Annual Fees in Rubles

501,000 Rubles

493,000 Rubles per year

Total Annual Fees in Rupees

458,000 Indian Rupees/Year

Total Fees for 6 years MBBS 

27,48,000 Indian Rupees

In 2024, the total MBBS fees in Volgograd medical university is RUB 501,000 (458,000 in Indian Rupees). This amount includes the tuition fees, hostel fee, insurance, medical and visa renewal cost. The expenses for food and personal items are not included here. These costs typically range from 10,000 to 15,000 INR per month, depending on the student’s lifestyle.

Admissions for 2024

Admissions for the MBBS program at Volgograd State Medical University are open from May 1st until August 30th. Indian students who wish to pursue an MBBS degree at Volgograd medical University are typically required to meet the following eligibility criteria:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks in their 12th standard in the Science stream, which includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, from CBSE/ISC or any other equivalent Board of Examination.
  • Students must have qualified for the NEET exam.
  • Students must be at least 17 years old by December 31st of the admission year.

Five reasons why Volgograd Medical University is an excellent choice for Indian students:

Affordable tuition fees: The cost of living and tuition fees in Russia are generally lower than in many other countries. For Indian students, studying at Volgograd Medical University is a cost-effective option, as the tuition fees are affordable compared to other medical schools.

Globally recognized degree: The degree awarded by Volgograd Medical University is globally recognized and is equivalent to that of medical schools in the USA or the UK. This makes it easier for Indian students to pursue further studies or practice medicine in other countries.

English medium of instruction: The MBBS program at Volgograd Medical University is taught entirely in English, making it easy for Indian students to understand and follow the course material.

Cultural diversity: Volgograd Medical University has a diverse student population, including many Indian students. This creates an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to students from different cultural backgrounds, making it easier for Indian students to adjust to life in Russia.

Quality education: Volgograd Medical University is known for providing high-quality education in medicine. The faculty members are experienced and knowledgeable, and the university has modern facilities and equipment to support student learning. This ensures that Indian students receive an education that is on par with the best medical schools in the world.

Easy admission procedure: The admission process for Volgograd Medical University is straightforward and hassle-free, making it easier for Indian students to apply and secure a seat. The university has a dedicated admissions team that assists students with the entire process. This makes it easy for Indian students to focus on their studies and prepare for their future careers without worrying about the administrative process.

Address and Location of Volgograd Medical University, Russia

The university is located in the central part of the city of Volgograd, in southwestern Russia. It is easily accessible by public transportation, including buses and trams. The campus is spread over a large area and is well-equipped with modern facilities and amenities to support student learning and research.
Address: Ploshchad’ Pavshikh Bortsov, д. 1,
Volgograd, Volgograd Oblast,
Russia, 400131

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