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Peoples’Peoples Friendship University Logo Friendship University Russia ( RUDN University) was founded on 5th February 1960 by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) Government. It is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the metropolis of Moscow. Students and academics could be free to study their learning, teaching, and research activities at the university. It is the only university in the world every year uniting students from 140 countries.

People Friendship University- Institute of Medicine

Peoples Friendship University
Peoples Friendship University, Russia

The Institute of Medicine of Peoples’ Friendship University, founded in 1961 has a top-class reputation both in Russia as well as abroad. The institute’s popularity rests on the graduates and the scientists working in the institute. More than 6500 professionals that have been educated in the Institute of Medicine are currently working in more than 110 countries worldwide. Most of the lectures and practical seminars are conducted by prominent scientists whose contribution to medical science is well-known. The Institute of medicine is equipped with 14 clinical laboratories and computer testing and TV Broadcasting are used in the training process.

Faculties in People Friendship University

The University has 14 Faculties and Academic Institutes:

  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Ecology
  • Institute for Hotel Business and Tourism
  • Institute for World Economics and Business
  • Institute for Foreign Languages
  • Institute for International Programmes
  • Faculty of Medicine (English Medium)

Is the most popular specialty of medical profile. In PFU, students are trained to effectively treat patients, correctly diagnose diseases, and carry out preventive work among the population and much more. The junior courses give the subjects of the basic part from the medical-biological and humanitarian disciplines. With the fourth course of study, the emphasis is on professional subjects. Students develop the abilities of abstract thinking, analysis of cause-effect relationships and the perception of large amounts of information. The training combines the best classical traditions and ultra-modern developments of the XXI century: from studying the exhibits of the anatomical museum of the PFU to conducting operations on the interactive anatomical table. Training is conducted both in classrooms and laboratories, and at the clinical bases of the Institute – students participate in the diagnosis and treatment of patients under the supervision of experienced curators.

MBBS Fees in People Friendship University (Fee structure 2024)

Tuition Fee: 9500 US Dollars/Year = 7,80,000 INDIAN RUPEES PER YEAR

Hostel Fee: 1200 US Dollars/Year = 96,000 RUPEES PER YEAR


BDS Course Fees: 9500 US Dollars/Year = 7,80,000 INDIAN RUPEES PER YEAR

PFUR Admission Requirements

The University enrolls students on contract (fee payment) basis and on the scholarship basis as well. All entrance procedures are executed directly by the University Admission Board. The decision on admitting a foreign candidate is taken after careful examination of the level of general marks.

Documents required for admission:
1. Copy of passport
2. copy of a document on education with Russian translation
3. copy of the statement of results (transcript) with Russian translation
To complete the enrollment candidates (applicants) are required to:
1. Document on education (original with apostle)
2. statement of results (transcript, original with apostle)
3. copy of a document on education certified by a notary with Russian translation
4. copy of passport (page with photo) certified by a notary with Russian translation 5. 7 photos (3×4)

PFUR Sports

At People Friendship University students can take up any kind of sport in 45 sports facilities of the People Friendship University complex starting from democratic arm wrestling to exotic yoga. For those who prefer team-type of sports, the Peoples friendship University complex offers to join the PFUR sports club to play football, basketball, and volleyball. Other can do athletic gymnastics, tennis, and swimming. Sports facilities of the complex host PhT classes and training held in 40 kinds of sports, various sport events.

People Friendship University Library

AILC (AL) comprises 5 libraries at faculties in different University buildings with more than 2 million books in 60 languages. The electronic collection includes audio-, video material and universal and thematic databases. Magazines are available in both printed and electronic versions.
Electronic-library system – RUDN ELS– on-line resource with bibliographic information about the library fund and full texts of books, articles, conference materials, and dissertation abstracts.
Partnership relations with Moscow State University Academic Library. Students and teachers of PFU and MSU have access to both libraries.

The presence of the hostel, the number of living quarters in a dormitory for foreign students:

Number of dormitories


Shared dormitory area, m 2


Living dormitory area, m 2


Number of beds in the dormitories


Security hostels soft and hard implements the established standard ratio,%


The presence of food (including coffee shops, canteens) in the dorms


Student campus

Peoples’ Friendship University has its own campus, consisting of 13 student dormitories. The campus is located on the street. Maclay. The University provides hostel accommodation for students necessary furniture and bedding. Get to University dormitories can from the metro stations “Southwest” or “Belyayevo”. The buses No- 226, 261, 752, 699, 250, 718. Often shuttle minibus.

On the territory of Peoples’ Friendship University you can find:

  • 2 canteens,
  • 22 cafes,
  • 2 restaurants,
  • 10 buffets

Student’s Life at PFUR

Moscow City pfur institute of medicine lecture pfur cultural programmes PFUR health checkup Peoples’ Friendship University Canteen pfur cultural programmes


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