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Altai State Medical University, MBBS Fees Admission Process 2019

Altai State Medical University,Russia | Tuition Fees, Admission Procedure 2019

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altai state medical university
Altai State Medical University, Russia. Estd. 1954

Altai State Medical University (AGMU) is one of the leading medical universities of Russia in the West Siberian part, conducting high-quality medical training. Altai State Medical University is located the southeast of Russia in Barnaul city, the capital of Altai Krai. For sixty years the Altai State Medical University has been a supply of qualified specialists engine for the regional healthcare system. 25 thousand doctors and pharmaceutics have graduated from the university, who work in the Altai region, in the Republics of Altai and Tuva, in countries near and far abroad. 90% of doctors and pharmaceutics in the Altai region are the AGMU alumni.

barnaul city altai region russia
Barnaul City, Altai Region, Russia

Altai State Medical University is administered by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in accordance with the decree of the Russian Government. It is one of the major hubs for research, education and cultural exchange. The international community in the university shares their social heritage with each other and hence adopts each other’s culture. The University has produced more than 30 thousand graduates. There are more than 4000 students studying yearly at AGMU. Most of the students are from the Russian Federation with about 350 international students.

Altai State Medical University – a unique holistic body that brings together doctors both on the basis of professional communication and on the basis of common interests and hobbies. Our university absorbed the experience and achievements of the pupils of different generations. Society graduates of all generations Altai Medical University – unbreakable brotherhood.

International Educational Activities

Altai State Medical University began accepting foreign students in 1991. In February 1994, the faculty of foreign students has been organized. The faculty carries out the preparation of foreign students in the specialties: “General Medicine”, “pharmacy”, “Pediatrics”, “Dentistry”. For 10 years on the faculty received a specialty foreign nationals from Syria, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Sudan, Cameroon.

In 2001, the Department reorganized into the department to work with foreigners. Today, Altai medical university has about 2000 international students from India, Sri Lanka, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, China, Mongolia, Morocco, Afghanistan, as well as citizens neighboring countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan.

Science and Innovation: Innovative scientific development is a priority activity of the university. The desire of the university to meet modern trends of the state policy in the field of innovation in science and technology is the basis of successful implementation of scientific projects ASMU scientists. Altai State Medical University is actively involved in the implementation of innovative projects in the field of basic and clinical research. ASMU scientists initiatives receive recognition at the federal and international levels. A reflection of the professionalism of the scientific staff of the University is the high degree of trust on the part of government customers and investors in innovative scientific research. Development of the resource base and the significant potential of research projects define the vector of development of the modern university.

Altai State Medical University World Ranking

According to webometrics World ranking of Altai State Medical University is 10535 Among all universities worldwide, Altai State Medical University Rank under 1000 and if you check Altai State Medical University Ranking among Russian Medical Universities.

World RankingContinental RankingCountry RankPresenceImpactOpennessExcellence

Medical faculties of Altai State Medical University

General medicine faculty of Altai state medical university was founded in 1954 and since then it has grown to become one of the largest medical faculties in the Russian Federation. In 2014, the medical faculty of Altai state medical university celebrated its 60th anniversary. Currently, about 90% of physicians in the Altai region are graduates ASMU, in particular – the medical faculty. Graduates of the faculty carry out professional activity in the health care institutions of various forms of ownership, health authorities, professional and educational institutions, research institutions, institutions of social protection, etc. Our graduates successfully work in many regions of Russia and abroad in more than 15 countries around the world. – Germany, Israel, USA, Canada, Syria, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, and CIS. The faculty graduates work in various health care institutions, in health care management, medical educational institutions, research institutions, and social services. Graduates of the faculty get a General Practitioner qualification, which is sufficient for treating adolescents (age 15–18) and adults (over 18). Residency training allows the graduates to get the qualification of a narrow specialist: a surgeon, an obstetrician-gynecologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, and others.

Pediatrics: Founded in 1966, the faculty trains highly qualified personnel to work with children. There are approximately 1000 students who get extensive training not only in clinical departments which specialize in children health care but they also trained to diagnose, treat and prevent some adult diseases. Such a program allows to train highly qualified specialists with multifold career opportunities.

Dentistry: The faculty was founded in 1990 and now there are approximately 800 students there. The training is focused on practicing the necessary professional skills in dental care. There are special phantom classes and modern Altai Medical University dental clinic. The graduates get a qualification of a Dental Practitioner. Residency training allows the graduates to get the qualification of a narrow specialist: a surgeon dentist, a dental orthopedist, a periodontist, an orthodontist, and a pediatric dentist.

Pharmacy: Founded in 1975, the faculty trains specialists for medicine manufacturing and sales. The faculty graduates have become co-owners and managers of pharmaceutical enterprises, research workers and professors of medical universities. There are about 700 students at the faculty. The graduates of the faculty are in great demand due to the growth of medicine production and the enlargement of pharmaceutical sales network.

MBBS Fee Structure of Altai State Medical University, Russia

ALTAI STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY,RUSSIA1st Year Fees2nd Year Fees3rd Year Fees4th Year Fees5th Year Fees6th Year Fees
TOTAL FEES IN INDIAN RUPEES (APPROX.)RS. 4,06,000 RS 3,22,000RS 3,22,000RS 3,22,000RS 3,22,000RS 3,22,000
TOTAL FEES for 6 Years 28,800 USD RS 20,16,000 1USD = 70

Total fees for 6 years MBBS course is 28,800 USD = 20,16,000 Indian Rupees, which includes tuition fees and hostel accommodation.
For admission and processing fees check admission procedure.

Tuition Fee – Includes Study Materials, Library Charge, Laboratory Charge & Examination Fee
Hostel Fee – Includes Accommodation, Bedding, Furniture, 24-hrs Electricity, 24-hrs Gas in Separate Kitchen, 24-hrs Hot &Cold water supply and Centralized Room heating system.
Food – 130 US Dollars/month  = RS 9000 per month
Indian Mess– Indian Mess is available in Altai State Medical University for Indian students. Food is served two times a day i.e. Lunch and Dinner. Food fulfills the balanced diet requirements of a student. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food is cooked and served separately.

Student’s Life at Altai State Medical University

Altai Medical University Hostels

Altai State Medical University has three hostels, which are located in the center of the city. The dorms are close to the main public transport routes, which makes the most important destinations accessible. There are playing and sports grounds, reading halls which help use our students’ time most efficiently and in an enjoyable way.


The library’s fund has over 3,30,000 copies of literature including abstracts of medical dissertations, journals, more than 200 titles of periodic editions nowadays. The library represents the largest storehouse of medical literature in regions of Siberia. The collection of scientific information, educational and periodical literature makes the library a very valuable source for the University’s teachers and student in their educational an scientific works. The library is elucidated with Internet connections and CLIS (computer-aided library – informational system) has been introduced. Altai State Medical University has its edit-publishing center and small-scale plant, where the composition of scientific works by the workers, monographs, materials from student’s conferences are printed.

Social Activities

There are all kinds of students’ clubs at the Altai State Medical University. Our students sing, dance, act, do sports and other activities. It helps them develop their personality in many ways. The sports complex consists of a playground, a well-equipped gymnasium, two big sports halls, a swimming pool with a sauna bath and two shooting galleries, which can be used by all sports enthusiasts. Altai State Medical University has its own skiing base. AGMU students regularly go to the gym, the swimming pool and the university skiing center.

Applications & Admission Process 2018-19

Admission for MBBS in Altai State Medical University starts in May. The seats are limited and are filled on a first-come first served basis. Early applications help in securing the seat in the University and accommodation of choice. To avoid disappointment on these fronts it is advisable to apply for admissions at the earliest. Prospective students interested in Altai State Medical University should visit for more information on the admission procedure.

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Admission Procedure
MBBS in Russia Fee Structure