Lowest Fees for MBBS in Russia, Study MBBS in Russia in low Fees

Low Fee Medical Universities in Russia:

The top-rated medical universities offer affordable medical education to international students. This course is in high demand and it needs quality standards to be followed by every college, Russia offers you the opportunity to start your medical study and earn an MBBS degree within low fees.

Here is the list so many affordable yet top colleges in Russia that you can look for. You can check them below:

Orel State Medical University, Russia

Orel state university provides quality education for international students. This university is popular across Russia as it offers affordable and quality education. The distance from Orel to Moscow is 202 miles which is equal to 325 km. You will surely find the same standards of education and environment that you find inexpensive universities in Russia. It is one of the most affordable colleges for pursuing MBBS in Russia. The total cost of studying MBBS at Orel State Medical University is Rs. 15,27,000 Indian Rupees for 6 years.

Orel State University, RussiaTuition Fee Per YearHostel Fees Per YearFees in Ruble Per yearFees in Indian Rupees/ Year
1st to 3rd Year Fees2,40,000 Ruble14,000 Ruble2,54,000 Ruble/ YearRS. 2,80,000 Rupees per year
4th to 6th Yr. Fees1,95,000 Ruble14,000 Ruble2,09,000 Ruble /YearRS. 2,30,000 Rupees/yr.
Total Fees for 6 years MBBS13,90,000 Ruble = RS. 15,27,000 (Indian Rupees) 1 RUB @ 1.10 Rupees

Crimea State Medical University, Russia

Crimea State Medical University pictures are just breathing taking as it’s a combination of both ancient and modern infrastructure. Crimea State Medical University at Simferopol offers MBBS courses for students from India at a total cost of 21,500 US Dollars. This is again an affordable college for all the students who want to pursue MBBS in Russia. Crimea State Medical University Campus covers a huge area having 16 educational buildings 5 hostels, covered tracks, and a field athletics arena, a sports center, and several cafes. The total cost of studying MBBS at Crimea State Medical University is  Rs 21,60,000 Indian Rupees for 6 years.

Crimea State Medical University, RussiaTuition Fees / YearHostel Fees/ YearFees in USDFees in Indian Rupees per year
1st Year Fees4000 USD500 USD4500 USDRS 3,60,000 Indian Rupees
2nd to 6th Year Fees4000 USD /Yr.500 USD/ Yr.4500 USD/YearRS 3,60,000 Rupees/Year
Total Fees for 6 Years MBBS27,000 USD = RS 21,60,000 ( Indian Rupees approx.)1 USD @ 80 Indian Rupees
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Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir medical University at UFA imparts medical education to foreign students at a total fee of ₹ 16, 50,000. One can easily afford this fee when it comes to complete the MBBS course in Russia. You will get an opportunity to get an entry into the medical field and you can start your medical career after completing it. The total cost of studying MBBS at Bashkir State Medical University is  Rs. 18,78,000 for 6 years.

Bashkir State Medical University, RussiaTuition Fees / Yr.Hostel Fees / Yr.Fees in Russian RubleFees in Indian Rupees
1st Year Fees2,99,000 Russian Ruble14,000 Russian Ruble3,13,000 Russian RubleRS. 275,000 Indian Rupees
2nd to 6th year Fees2,99,000 Russian Ruble 14,000 Russian Ruble3,13,000 Russian Ruble each yearRS. 275,000 Rupees/ Yr. (approx...)
Total MBBS Fees for 6 Years18,78,000 Russian Ruble = RS. 1650,000 Indian Rupees approx.

Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University

KBSMU is a great choice for students looking for affordable MBBS study in Russia. They provide affordable medical programs to international students, enabling them to pursue a medical career without spending a lot of money. The total fees of studying MBBS at Kabardino Balkarian Medical University is  Rs. 1458,0000 for 6 years.

Kabardino Balkarian Medical University, RussiaFees in Russian Ruble per yearFees in Indian Rupees per year
Tuition Fees2,20,000 Ruble Rs. 2,20,000 Indian Rupees
Hostel Fees16,000 Rubles Rs 16,000 Indian Rupees
Health Insurance & Medical Test Cost7000 RubleRs 7000 Indian Rupees
Total Annual Fees 243,000 Rubles per yearRs. 2,43,000 Indian Rupees (per year)
Total Fees for 6-years MBBS program1458,0000 Rubles Rs. 1458,0000 Indian Rupees

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Altai State Medical University

Altai state medical university located in the city of Barnaul provides world-class medical training for students at a total fee of ₹ 20,86,000. The world-class faculty and amenities make you feel great here. The best career guidance and assistance you can get here. The total cost of studying MBBS at Altai State Medical University is  Rs. 24,00,000 for 6 years.

Altai State Medical University, RussiaTuition Fee / YearHostel Fees / YearAnnual Fees in Russian RubleAnnual Fees in Indian Rupees
1st Year Fees360,000 Ruble40,000 Ruble400,000 Russian RubleRS. 4,00,000 Indian Rupees
2nd to 6th year Fees360,000 Ruble / Year40,000 Ruble / Year400,000 Russian Ruble Per YearRS. 4,00,000 Indian Rupees/ Year
Total of 6-years MBBS FeesRUB 24,00,000 = RS 24,00,000 Indian Rupees (Exchange rate: 1 RUB = 1 INR)
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