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Haybusak University Armenia Yerevan Heybusak Medical University, Armenia

Study MBBS in Armenia

For over ten years, the Faculty of Medicine of  Heybusak Medical University Armenia has been training professional health care personnel. More than 70% of our graduates have found work in their respective fields throughout the Republic of Armenia. They are widely welcomed in all the hospitals, clinics, health care organizations of RA, as well as abroad (Europe, USA, Russia, Asia, etc.

All graduates of the Faculty of Medicine of YHU receive a state accredited diploma. After graduation, they are presented with the opportunity to continue their education at YHU and receive a PH.D.

The foreigners of different sources, different social and property conditions, different tribes, nations and religions, different gender, languages, etc have a possibility to study at Yerevan Haybusak University.

The Faculty of Medicine at Haybusak Medical University has the following departments:

  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy

The Faculty of Medicine at YHU widely accepted at the most recognized clinics and hospitals of the RA.

Hostel Accommodation

Foreign students studying at Yerevan Haybusak University can live in rental appartments or in hostels.
Students residing at our hostel are offered comfortable rooms with a picturesque view of Ararat Valley (Mount Ararat). The hostel is situated at 4-5 km from the Yerevan Haybusak University.

Hostel accomodation is provided at a nominal fee. Here, students are provided with basic facilities including reading halls and a laundromat.

Grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, public internet spots, parcs and transport facilities are of walking distance from the hostel.

Tuition fees and Living cost in Russian Medical Universities

Fee Structure for MBBS in Crimea Federal University, Russia (2018)

1st Year Fees= US$ 7000 = Rs. 4,69,000
2nd – 6th Year Fees  = US$ 5600/yr. = Rs. 3,76000/yr.
Hostel Fees – US$ 500 = Rs. 33,000/yr. (food price is not included in hostel fee)
Total Fees for 6 Years US$35000 = (Rs. 23,45,000 )                       read more
Food – US$ 150 = Rs. 10,000/month

Haybusak University MBBS Course fee:

Haybusak University, Yerevan ARMENIATuition FeeUSD / YearRupees / Year
http://www.haybusak.org/1st year 3800 USD 3800 USD ( 1st Year) Rs. 240,000 (1st year)
2nd to 6th yr 2100 USD /Yr.2100 USD / Yr. Rs. 135000 / yr.

Food and lodging = 150 – 170 USD / Month

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