Medical Colleges Admission In Russia | MBBS Admission in Russia 2019


Russia is the name that rattles the young minds, when they consider about the admission in Medical colleges in Russia in MBBS course .The fact that Russia has numerous globally renowned medical colleges is the prime reason for such popularity. For instance, the following acclaimed medical universities in Russia are the flag points, while developing the MBBS study plans in Russia:

Admission Process in medical colleges in Russia is extremely swift and easy. As a matter of great relieving fact, admissions in MBBS courses in Russian medical Colleges are granted on the basis of first come and first served criteria and without any stiff entrance exams, competitions and sans any need for hefty donations and with minimal interviews and other critical interrogation. Moreover, all such procedures pertaining to travel, visa, admissions, selection, lectures, examination, research etc are conducted in English language.

Besides, the medical degrees that are obtained from such above mentioned Medical colleges in Russia are fully valid and authentic for pursuing medical practice and the students are allowed to carry out their medical practices and consultation in their own countries, on their return. The Russian medical colleges have sought so much acclaim that youngsters from around the globe are always found to be more than willing to seek admission in medical colleges in Russia. Also, strict discipline and law and order is maintained in and around the hostels and PG accommodation where overseas students reside at and then the colleges and medical colleges in Russia also lay stringent rules and policies for the most decent treatment with the international students. Nevertheless, it is also a well acclaimed fact that the Russian government has subsidised 50% of the tuition fees in a bid to promote medical education expertise with the rest of the world and to attract the students from the world countries to seek admission in Medical colleges in Russia for MBBS.